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The preservation of historical monuments is confronted with various challenges. Spatial planning, protection of the townscape or knowledge transfer of old building techniques in dealing with listed buildings are current topics. CULTURA SUISSE is a hub for the exchange among experts and the transfer of knowledge.

The following topics are represented at CULTURA SUISSE:

  • Monument care and preservation
  • Preservation of historical monuments, historical garden maintenance, landscape maintenance
  • Archeology including exploration, protection and conservation
  • Archiving in Switzerland
  • technical colleges
  • Restoration and conservation including equipment and tools
  • Maintenance of historical buildings and objects
  • Building material, construction equipment, technical equipment and tools
  • Building and security technology
  • taxidermy
  • documentation and inventory
  • Associations, authorities, publishers, foundations and public institutions
  • Education and training, courses, job descriptions
  • Universities of applied sciences

exhibitor areas


museum technology


protection of heritage

We look forward to you!

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