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With more than 1100 museums, Switzerland has one of the highest museum densities in the world. At the same time, Swiss citizens are among the most diligent museum visitors in Europe. Not least with Corona, the appreciation and importance of museums in the cultural mediation of a country have greatly increased. At the same time, museums are challenged on very different levels. Transformation, digitalization, changing habits of the public, decolonization, provenance research, questioning of collection concepts and new forms of mediation and exhibition force the individual teams to permanently expand their knowledge and to deal with innovations and new technologies.

At CULTURA SUISSE, professionals will find information on services and products as well as inspiration, especially on the following museum technology topics:

  • Library and archive technology
  • Big Data
  • IT support, software
  • visitor guidance
  • Digitization and Eventization
  • energy efficiency
  • funding and research
  • photo and film
  • appraiser and appraisal
  • Building technology, security
  • materials and machines
  • Media presentation, multimedia, augmented reality
  • Museum infrastructure
  • Museum building and technology
  • museum management
  • Automation in museums and exhibitions
  • New technologies from the 3D sector
  • pest control
  • Offices, authorities, institutions
  • lighting
  • ventilation
  • Emergency management, water, fire, mold
  • Culture and Museum Apps
  • Transport, packaging, storage
  • Visual communication, staging, scenography
  • Associations, clubs, institutions
  • Initial and continuing education
Some of the topics are also addressed in a practice-oriented manner at panel events or in forums and presented in the sense of best practices.

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museum technology


protection of heritage

We look forward to you!

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